About EuroNetCom

The original idea, initiated by the needs within our group of companies, and also by the awareness of the same or similar needs of an extensive number of other companies, supported by analysis on the current and future development of the market in R. of Macedonia and neighboring countries and evident available space on the market where a new quality in operations and new business approach can be successfully introduced and promoted, resulted in establishing of EuroNetCom - company offering its services in the area of IT consultancy, project development and implementation and IT systems integration. Founder of EuroNetCom is GOFI - Group of Finance and Investment, Lugano Switzerland.

The management of the company is consisted of:


ENC exists for the Euro-group companies, members of IT cluster, SMB from the country and region, large businesses – for all those in the country and world-wide who needs quality IT solution. We exist for our clients who believe that with EuroNetCom they get always trustful partner for realization of their IT projects.
What we do? We offer high quality and professional ICT services and products from established and well-know manufacturers with argument excellence (our partners). Our integrated, highly professional ICT services are result of great experience and implementation of high-edge technologies in corporation with professionals from this area. How do we do that? Principles that we follow are: performance, honesty, competence, market proficiency and partnerships with top IT industry names. Our experiences supported by the experience of the Euro-group will contribute to achieve higher profit and better organization for our projects.

Our vision

Our employees for you and with you meet your ICT challenges at any time, with high quality and professionalism. EuroNetCom to be amongst the best IT companies in Macedonia, a serious player on the market – reliable, stabile, trustful partner for implementation of completely IT solutions which meets the needs of the clients through products and services with high quality, and provides to the employees a pleasant place for work and intellectual development.

EuroNetCom is mainly focused on offering services in the area of IT engineering, project development and implementation of integrated IT and communication solutions, custom-made software design and development and project management. EuroNetCom company architecture and internal organization are scaled and dimensioned to cover a complete need for an IT solution having in mind the real meaning and weight of the word solution. Divided into departments in charge for Networking, Communications, Hardware, System Support, Application Software¸ Sales and Business Development Services the company scales to the business needs, stretching from small office and branch office to the enterprise. The basic principal of our development strategy is to provide high quality and reliable products and services to customers who recognize the value of uninterruptible functionality, stability, reliability and security in their business processes. What makes us different from other companies present on the market is exactly our commitment to develop and offer products and services to our clients that meet their needs, products that are efficiently and safely integrated in our client’s business system. Through constant direct communication with the client we set our mutual goal - overcome of existing limits and increased efficiency all the way to our client’s end users. In that constant quest for quality we put a special effort on development and implementation of a system for internal and external independent verification and validation of our services and products.